Who We Are?

We are Jetboard Barcelona. We are passionate about the new sport of jetboarding. We love the beach lifestyle, sunshine, warm weather, beaches, tans and watersports. Jetboard Barcelona allows us to have all of those things at our job. We want to offer this to you! We have left our previous jobs in the construction and automotive industries. Partnered with Jet Board Limited, we are bringing rentals, sales, honest reviews and repair services for all reputable makes and models of jetboards to the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona.

Nuria is an engineer by trade and works as a industrial design consultant. She is also very sporty as she loves extreme sports. She enjoys skiing, rollerblading, skydiving, kite surfing, hang gliding, surfing, muay thai and rock climbing. Barcelona is her home town but she has also lived in Thailand and Australia. Living in beach destinations, being an athlete, loving competition and discovering new passions led her into this career.

Daniel is a construction contractor by trade. He has left the bad weather in Chicago and has lived in sunny Southern California, Puerto Rico, Mexico and now Spain. He also loves sunshine, palm trees, watersports, beaches and chicks in bikinis :D Daniel has found this new sport to be so enjoyable that he had to get involved. He first became a partner at Jet Board Limited. Then he joined the Jet Board Testing Tour. Now he and Nuria are opening Jetboard Barcelona location.

What We Offer?

In addition to rentals, honesty, lessons, sales and service, Jetboard Barcelona will be hosting Jetboarding events with different manufacturers. We will have demo days. We will have the largest selection of rental boards in the world. We will even set up practice racing bouys. Finally, we will have a Jetsurfing race team that will travel internationally to race in the Motosurf World Cup as time allows.

Do you want to rent a jetboard? Do you want to buy a jetboard? Do you want to race a Jetsurf board? This sport is so new, nearly anyone can join the racing circuit. For more info about rentals and sales stop in or send us an email.

We are also interested in partnering with other watersports companies and hotels in and around Barcelona to cross promote each others businesses. Contact us if you're interested in offering our services to your customers.

Where We Are?

We are located in Parc Forum. If you Google "playa forum" you will find directions to our front door. Our mailing address is Moll de la Vela, 1, 08930, Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona. We are next to FEDCAS and Vela Cat.